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The Report Template Editor, also know as CADSiteTools, is a specialized spreadsheet application where you can create, edit or import report template files. Using the spreadsheet editing functions provided you can create a completely new report template or edit an existing one. You can also import existing Excel© 97-2010, text files (*.TXT) or comma delimited files (*.CSV) to the editor. The Report Template Editor has the same editing functions as the Spreadsheet Editor, but can be used only to create, edit, open and save report template files and has some additional functions (like import/export workbook, Report Template and Entity Properties Explorer).


Once you have designed a report template and linked drawing entity information to cells using the Report Template Explorer you can create Excel© compatible reports to be printed, exported or sent to AutoCAD as drawing entities.

The resulting report template file (*.CSRT) can be used in any drawing that has the same logical and relational conditions defined. For example, if you design a report to extract the area property of closed polyline entities in layer POLYGON you can use the report template file in any drawing that has closed polylines in a layer named POLYGON.



The following links provide a detailed description of the available tools and functions available in the Report Template Editor:


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