CADSite Reports
General Overview

Various report types described and basic concepts in report creation explained.

Basic Report Example

Extract existing block attribute information in this drawing and create a spreadsheet report.

Construction Estimate Report

In this demonstration, a construction estimate report will be created.

Metes & Bounds Report

In this demonstration, a parcel description report will be generated.

Query Report

Create a query report from block attribute properties.

Entity Relationships Report

Define an entity relationship between a block inserted inside a closed polyline.

Grouped Entities Report

In this exercise, house blocks will be grouped by their corresponding parcel numbers.

Entity Screenshot Report

Report generated with screenshots from an AutoCAD drawing.

Report Viewer

The report generated from an AutoCAD drawing can be inspected before printing, saving or exporting.

Latest Version 4.0.1 for AutoCAD 2008-2012 based products Windows 32/64bits