CADSite Reports

This module is designed to create from simple to sophisticated hierarchical spreadsheet reports by linking drawing information to spreadsheet cells. You can use existing Excel files 97-2010 files or create new spreadsheets in the CADSite Report Template Editor.

Existing formulas and references are automatically updated and additional rows/columns are inserted to accommodate data if needed. If you modify an entity property (such as line length) the corresponding linked cell value will be dynamically updated. Likewise, if you modify a cell value the corresponding linked entity property will be dynamically updated.

CADSite Reports can also detect spatial relationships between entities to extract data. You can, for example, extract and link information from attributes of blocks located inside closed polylines in a certain layer.

CADSite Reports can import and export Excel© 97-2010 XLSX/XLSM/XLS/XLT file format. Can also import and export text files (TXT) and comma delimited files (CSV), no need to have Excel© installed. Information selected in the spreadsheet can also be inserted in AutoCAD as linked tables.

This module is composed of the following tools:


What can I do with CADSite Reports?

Some, but not all, of the tasks that you can do with CADSite Reports include the following:

Latest Version 4.0.1 for AutoCAD 2008-2012 based products Windows 32/64bits