What is CADSiteTools?

CADSiteTools is a set of software modules that work inside any AutoCAD full based product, such as AutoCAD full, Civil3D, Map, Land Desktop, Architecture and others.

This add-on is composed of three main modules: Reports, Polygons and Utilities module. These modules can be purchased and activated separately or together. The CADSiteTools free demo includes all three fully functional modules for evaluation and free technical support for 30 days.

CADSite Polygons

Powerful tools to draw, annotate and edit parcels

This module is designed to draw, edit, annotate, join and subdivide polygons inside AutoCAD. With this tool you can draw and adjust polygons from legal documentation or from surveying information specifying distance and bearing, azimuth, XY coordinates or deflection angle. You can also subdivide polygons by equal parts, percentage or target subarea, by specifying number of segments, distance along a path or by selecting a slicing line. Distance and bearing, arc length, chord, radius, tangent and central angle can be automatically annotated in polygon segments. Polyline area and perimeter can also be annotated, and interior or exterior angular dimensions placed in each polygon vertex. Polygon editing commands include change polygon starting point, insert and delete polygon vertex, change polygon rotation, reverse polygon, weed polygon vertices.

CADSite Reports

Extract and link drawing information to spreadsheet cells

This module is designed to create from simple to sophisticated hierarchical spreadsheet reports by linking drawing information to spreadsheet cells. You can use existing Excel files 97-2010 files or create new spreadsheets in the CADSite Reports Template Editor.

Existing formulas and references are automatically updated and additional rows/columns are inserted to accommodate data if needed. If you modify an entity property (such as line length) the corresponding linked cell value will be dynamically updated. Likewise, if you modify a cell value the corresponding linked entity property will be dynamically updated.

CADSite Utilities

Useful programming utilities to save time

This module is composed of several useful tools aimed to save time performing some common tasks, such as add areas and lengths selected in the drawing, add numeric values from selected text entities, insert auto incrementing text, measure and convert angles, convert between plotting and drawing units among others.

Latest Version 4.0.1 for AutoCAD 2008-2012 based products Windows 32/64bits